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Stop Spam

... and keep your existing email account!


What is it? - SpamEater is an Anti-spam robot that checks your email every ten minutes. It it finds an email is a spam or virus, it 'eats' it! No software to install!, it runs completely from this website. You control it from a fully configurable web control panel.

What does it do? - It gets rid of spam and viruses "out there" on the Internet, before you can download them to your home PC.

Spam Killer! Block spam and viruses before they can reach you! This is strong medicine for the spam disease. We have discovered the cure! This ingenious anti spam software behaves like an immune system for your e-mail, literally eating the spam and viruses out of your mail account, so they cannot reach your home computer

Anti-phishing technology - every URL in your incoming email is checked against our database of known phishers, spammers and scammers. Protects you from identity thieves!

Reliable. This proven spam blocker service has been running 24/7 since March 2003.

Standard It is built with international Internet protocols, all you need is an e-mail account and a web browser! Works with any POP3 mail account, and now works with Hotmail too! It is compatible with any mail program (eg, Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.), and works with any type of computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, hand-helds, etc.).

Easy to use! Sign up takes two minutes from your web browser - and unlike other free spam blockers you can download, our spam blocker never becomes obsolete! It will kill 90% of spam right away, today and next year! With a little tweaking you can achieve >99% accuracy.

Great for roaming users. Set up antispam filters for all of your personal e-mail addresses, from this website! Manage your mail from any computer. Preview your email on the web, filter, compose, reply, forward.

Parents. Protect your children from porno, you can filter their mail from any location, before they arrive home from school.

Low price. Payments are easy and secure; you may buy through PayPal or purchase from 2checkout.

30 days free trial. It's one month of absolutely free spam blocking, no catches, no credit cards. Setup takes two minutes.

test drive For those who want total control over their inbox, this easy-to-use spam blocking tool puts you in the driver's seat today. Buy now and receive 50% off.

Or, take a test drive Log in with username: guest, password: guest (Everything is disabled, but you can play with the controls).

Unsolicited Commercial Email is annoying and time consuming and you are fed up with it (which is probably why you are reading all the way to the bottom of the page :). Currently, nearly 70% of all email is spam (grown from only 8% in 2001), and it continues to increase monthly. If you do nothing, then your inbox will no longer be your own. But, imagine the way your e-mail used to be, just the messages you want from real people ... it can be that way again.

What are the benefits?

It does what you want; it gets rid of spam... Today! It lets you keep your existing email address, and it does it at an affordable price. Unlike our competitors' services, if our service ever experiences a temporary breakdown, you can still access your email. There's no software to download or install, it's very easy to set up and it takes just a minute. Also, we do not ask for your credit card information! Buy now and receive 50% off our regular price, or try the 30 days of absolutely free service!

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